About Us

Hunter Ewing and Bo Wilkins rejoined forces to establish High Ground Company, a Buck-head based firm specializing in insurance services on October 1 2019, The two started working together in the mid-1990s at Northwestern Mutual, where they each spent seven years at the same time.



They then joined a locally owned insurance planning firm and were both there for 12 years before Wilkins left in 2011 and started his own company, Wilkins Insurance Group. Ewing departed two years later and founded his own business, Ewing & Co. They partnered up again to give clients more than they could individually. Bo and Hunter have been working together for 25 years and this relationship promotes better outcomes for their clients.



High Ground has five employees in Atlanta and four more in Austin, Texas. With more than 52 years of experience combined, High Ground Company is well prepared to help business owners, affluent individuals, and their families.